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The lost Paradise


All Humans dream of finding Heaven on Earth, a magical place where Nature reigns, and we feel happy.


Maybe this place is an unattainable illusion, perhaps it is only one of our fantasies, but if Heaven on Earth does exist, it certainly is in Vancouver, British Columbia.

When you have the chance, travel to this wonderful place and you will discover beauties you ever imagined. If you do not have the chance, do not worry because we will show you some of the amazing beauties that can be found in those places.

We want you to know and learn to admire the unspoiled Nature, as it was when the Human race began to populate the Earth.


Bald Eagle


One of the most beautiful animals that lives in this paradise is called Bald Eagle or Sea Eagle. It is a bird that lives next to large water bodies and eats fish regularly.



Before you have seen a totem, a beautiful ritual image depicting an eagle.

Many indigenous peoples considered it to be a sacred bird, a spiritual messenger between Humans and gods.

This kind of eagle is really beautiful.

In the following video, you can see it catching a salmon.



They are used to the presence of Humans, and in many places you can contemplate them safely from a short distance and take a picture of them.



In Spain, the bald eagle nests all year round on the cliffs of the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the Chafarinas Islands. Their colors are not as bright as the Canadian eagles ones, which have an eye-catching white head.

Bald eagles can also be found in rivers and inland wetlands when they migrate from northern Europe.


Fierce Bear


Teddies are sweet and cuddly, but real bears are very dangerous.

Anita, our storyteller, will tell the story of a ten-year-old boy and his dog, who belong to a group of hunter-gatherers who lived near the cave of L’Espluga de Francoli. Brave, they faced a bear that attacked a group of friends who were playing.

When Canadians go to work to wild areas, they are armed with pistols or rifles, and they have been trained in using them.

Bears are usually scared when hearing Humans. Bears growl and pretend they are going to attack us, but their only intention is to scare us.



Others, apparently peaceful, will stealthy approach us because they see us as their lunch. Then, what we have to do is to spray them with defense sprays and fight to the death with them, because they prefer easy meals, and thus we will have a chance of survival.

That is the reason why, the Asturian authorities distribute big mastiff dogs among the shepherds that feed their herds in areas where the bear lives. Dogs befriend cattle and when a bear approaches, they fight and drive it away.



In Canada, where bears abound, all rubbish bins located both in the countryside and the cities are made of iron, with a lock that cannot be opened by bears. This prevents the bears from learning how to eat our garbage and approaching the inhabited places, because they can be aggressive animals.

We will ask all children to recover old stories about the Fierce Bear, memories of old times when bears proliferated in western Europe.