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Music. Händel. Ombra mai fu.


Georg Friedrich Händel was born in Germany in 1685, but after the success of his opera Rinaldo, in 1712 he settled down in England, where he reached a deserved reputation.

In the year 1738, at the peak of his career and applauded by everybody as a celebrity. He premiered his opera Xerxes and achieved a resounding failure.

The opera was performed only five times, and was withdrew from the schedule due to the constant booing of the audience. For the composer that meant an economic collapse and a huge loss of prestige.

For 250 years the opera was not interpreted again and it was forgotten.

Nowadays, the aria Ombra mai fu is the most famous composition by Händel, known worldwide as Händel’s Largo.



We are sure everybody has heard this song many times. It makes weddings, baptisms and funerals more pleasant. It is a sad and joyful musical piece, a nice catchy tune, very easy to learn.

Consequently, the lesson Anita received from her mother is clear: we should never be ashamed of failure, as the biggest setback of our life can become a great success.

All children should learn this song and sing it whenever they are sad, and wait for the next day to come, when the goddess Aurora announces the arrival of the new day.

The goddess Aurora is the goddess of light and hope, and that is the reason why it gives name to our foundation.


Ombra mai fu


In the opera Xerxes, the King of Persia sings to a tree, a plane tree, and expresses his admiration for its beauty.

Ombra mai fu
di vegetabile
cara ed amabile
soave piu.



For us it is a hymn to the beauty of Nature, which in Canada is shown in all its glory.

Each of the episodes in the history of the Heroes includes a high-quality musical piece. Therefore, Fundació Aurora appeals to all music lovers, both professionals and amateurs, to join our foundation as members and invest efforts to share these wonderful melodies to our children and young people.

But in this case we also have another goal: we aim that all children and young people learn to play the song Ombra mai fu. This song together with the support of psychologists and educators may be a powerful tool in the prevention of depression and discouragement.

A song… an invitation to wait for the next day to come… until the goddess Aurora announces the new day… It is the lesson Anita received from her mother. Inculcated from an early age it can be effective in adulthood, when certain problems arise.